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  • Main products:GRS plush toy
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    TC certificate of filling.jpg Tianchang Easy Go Toy co., Ltd is a plush toy factory with 15 years plush toy export experience directly located in Anhui Tianchang city.?Our main products is plush toys, especially in GRS plush toys, license toys, promotion toys and ODM toys...... Our factory has passed GRS, BSCI, Disney, Universal and Merlin audit. You are warmly welcome to visit our factory, Looking forward to having cooperation with you!


    At present, the main products are easy to have: GRS plush animals; Promotion toys; License toys; Wholesaler toys etc.


    We are glad to share with you about our work and life here.


    At present, Easy Go toys have more than 30 long-term partners, Hope you become one of them!
    • jishu:86-18949790880
    • Tel:86-550-7090880
    • Fax:86-550-7090880
    • E-mail:info@easygotoy.com
    • Address:No.1 Batian Industrial Park, Datong Town, Tianchang City, 239300, China.

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