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    Tips for Cleaning Plush Toy

    First, dry cleaning: preparation materials: coarse salt, large plastic bags. Method: Put the coarse salt and the dirty plush toy together into a large plastic bag, then shake the pocket tightly and let the coarse salt and the plush toy surface fully contact. You will find that the white coarse salt slowly turns black, and the plush toy will become much cleaner.

    Second, washing: preparation materials: detergent, water, washing machine, hand washing method: small toys can be washed directly by hand with water. Dissolve the detergent directly in the water and gently grind the dirty parts of the toy. Or use a soft sponge, wipe the surface with water, wipe it clean, and wipe it with water.

    Third, the machine method: small toys can first use tape to stain the parts that are afraid of wear, put into the washing machine, choose a soft washing method. After washing, dry it, hang it in a cool place, and pat the toy intermittently to make the fur and stuffing fluffy and soft.

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